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At The Carlson Group realtors, we attract hundreds of real estate investors each and every year in Phuket. Our website specializes in marketing and promotion of villas on and around Phuket Thailand. We can “Schedule a Viewing” on all types of homes from small to large, modest to luxury, garden view to sea view.

  • Great Value
    We can point you to great value real estate listings. “Schedule a Viewing” is first step to finding that perfect home.
  • Easy and Fun
    We make it easy and fun to “Schedule a Viewing”. We will contact you shortly to discuss your needs and schedule. If you can spend a half day or full day with us, we are certain you will not be disappointed. This is a great time to be looking at Phuket property. 

  • Phuket Thailand
    We specialize in selling homes located on Phuket and in the Phang Nga region of Thailand.
  • All in One
    We deal directly with developers and owners. Making it easy and less complicated for our buyers. For more information, you can also email us at


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Prove your Human


When buying a home in Thailand, knowledge of title deeds and land ownership laws is fundamental. Land titles are the most common evidence to prove land ownership, rights of possession and other interests of land.

The most secure type of land title in Thailand is called “Chanote” which means the land has been accurately surveyed using a global positioning system (GPS) to set the area and boundaries of the land and plot them against the national land survey grid. “Schedule a Viewing” and we will focus on  listings of Chanote titled property.


It’s ALL Here in Phuket

Again Forbes has named Phuket as one of the best places in the World for retirement. With delicious food, white sand beaches and a relaxed vibe, Phuket Thailand is paradise on Earth. Whether your looking to buy a home near the beach or something in town, Phuket property offers something for just about everyone.

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A Local Phuket Agent

Imagine owning a luxurious pool villa or beach house in a sought after island paradise that generates rental returns and increases in value over time. As a Realtor our agency is the best at providing the local real estate knowledge and advice to help navigate the best investment options that Phuket has to offer.

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Our Property Service

Determining your buying power in the Phuket property market is critical, we can help shorten the process. With no current Phuket multiple listing service (MLS), a good property agency is important. We will arrange property viewings, site inspections and negotiate the best deal for you.

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